YouTube: Creating a video

The assignment is to create a YouTube account, which i have, and to create a video teaching a skill in your field of study.  Since I am a librarian, I decided I would use this opportunity to strengthen my skills as a presenter and teach a simple concept to the viewer.

The video I choose to make is one that shows the viewer how to look up a book in the online catalog.  It is a simple concept, and one that I feel everyone should know how to go about doing.  The reasoning behind making it would be to continue making more videos that highlight other skills you can use while searching for material in the library.

I actually enjoyed showing how to look up a book, as I have worked for libraries since I was 15 years old, and I now have a soon to be 28 and 21 year old sons.  I believe libraries are the foundation for literacy, and there is no bad reading, meaning everyone should know how to find a book they are looking for, so there was my thought process to a certain extent.

I used my phone, and set up a loose script.  Since I know how to look for a book, the trick was to be an effective speaker.  I used the term YouTube as my search word.

Once my video was complete, since I had used my phone to record, I needed to post from my phone.  I was already logged into YouTube, so I was able to upload my video to YouTube.  I set it so that is could only be viewed by those who knew the URL, but then for this assignment I had to put it in a PlayList that I needed to create so that it could be found.  I logged into my desktop computer so that I could go onto YouTube and copy the URL to share for this assignment.





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