Yelp: More than just reviews

Yelp is a website and app that allows users to take a picture, rate and review a business or restaurant.  “The major benefit and main point of Yelp is the ease of communication most yelpers experience — the site is like word-of-mouth for the digital world, and with Yelp communities popping up in most American cities and other places around the globe, it gets easier to find hot places to go to and see what other people think.


But Yelp isn’t just reviews: There are also events, event reminders and special offers from businesses and you can even make friends with other yelpers, just like Facebook or MySpace. This allows you to send messages to other users or even “follow” them, which allows you to see a specific reviewer’s posts before any others when you’re looking at a business. If you want to post your personal reviews on Facebook, you can import them directly from your Facebook profile — by logging in and clicking on the settings link below the status update field, you can select “automatically import activity” to upload your most recent content and inform an even wider audience on your good taste.”5

“Yelp, a website that serves as a directory for local businesses, both big and small, in major cities and towns across the world in over 15 different languages.  In addition to finding the type of store that sells what you’re looking to buy, you can also leave reviews and ratings for those you’ve already done business with. “6

Yelp has been effective at social media marketing.  It’s business model, according to the website, is “Our purpose: To connect people with great local businesses”7  It uses “the Web 2.0 philosophy, where users generate the majority of the content. Businesses will quake at the precise detail of your review.”8
The continued success of yelp seems assured for the most part.  There have been ups and downs with the business, but it has recently celebrated its 11th anniversary.  “More than 11 years after launching, Yelp has become a staple for the customer experience, with more than 90 million consumer reviews for businesses in 32 countries. Research shows positive reviews have a direct influence on businesses, which see revenue increases between 5 to and 9 percent.

That was the vision of CEO and co-founder Jeremy Stoppelman when he created Yelp in 2004, back in the days of Yellow Pages.

“It was essentially a big book of advertisements and now with Yelp, you could tap into the community around you,” Stoppelman told “CBS This Morning” Wednesday.

But with success comes significant challenges. Business owners have accused Yelp of bias towards stores that pay for ad space and there is also increased competition from Google, which Stoppelman said has “completely lost its mind.”9

While there is no denying the success of Yelp, I disagree that Google has “lost thier minds”.  “Perhaps there is no greater testament to Google’s (GOOG) success than the fact that it has become a verb.”10

While Yelp has been around for some time, I have not used it very much, and the most features that I used were to get an address for GPS, a telephone number as the hours are sometimes not accurate, and I have read the reviews.  I tend to use my own judgement when it comes to the reviews, although i will read them.

When I consider three interests of mine career wise, webmaster, librarian and Pampered Chef sales person, I would probably use the services to include my business as a web designer before using in either scenario.  I am truly a Librarian at heart, but enjoy creating and designing web pages and Love the Pampered Chef product, and selling it is a great way to save on all those expensive pieces you can’t afford.



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