Social Media Connections

This is where I share where I have gone for social media connections.  I have reestablished the LinkedIn account that I had but never used.  It appears to have made some changes.  While it is a professional network for business, it seems to embraced the model and design used by Facebook. It is a successful model – I have lost hours mindlessly scrolling or playing games or chatting, looking at pictures…yeah.

I took the links that I used for the LinkedIn assignment and posted them to my Delicious web site.  While many use all social media that is out there, some I have never heard of – Is it wrong if I find some of them useless? I don’t mean in the general sense, but that I would never use.  I do enjoy a good app, but sometimes they can be overwhelming and underwhelming all at the same time.

I do plan on being better at using all of the options available to me.  I am told I should have an Instagram.  Not yet.  There is a business venture to promote, as I have been recently recruited for the great Pampered Chef free product journey, so I am hoping to use Social Media to my advantage by making money and never having to do a home show.  So far I have gladly paid, but I am told there are great rewards….

Other than my daily trek to Facebook, which for some reason causes mindless scrolling, my social media contact is limited.  I have tried to be more active on Twitter, but find its difficult to remember to go on everyday.  Even when I have emails sent reminding me I neglect to check that account.  I do believe that in order to be successful in any of the social media forums you need to be active and engaged.  There is my issue.  When I remember to log in I can muster up a decent job of posting, but once I log out it might be a day, week, a month…or two before I remember to log in again.



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