LinkedIn – Professional Tool?

I was very late in joining the online revolution.  When I finally joined, I found that I ignored LinkedIn because, well, I already had a job and I know my co-workers.  I work for a community college that has, well grown quite considerably in the past decade.  That is how long ago it has been since I activated my LinkedIn account.  I linked with a few close peeps in my life, but largely I ignored most requests, and the re-requests – I mean no offense but I don’t want to connect via LinkedIn.

Instead I played mindless (but SO addictive!) games on Facebook.  What I remember of LinkedIn was that you could “link” with persons in your professional network, but it seemed more limiting then.  The business was co-founded in May of 2003.  It set itself apart because unlike Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, it was designed for professional contacts.

I have a feeling LinkedIn may have changed somewhat over the years, because what I remember, what some pages describe online, and what I see has changed.  For instance, there is now a news-feed similar to Facebook where businesses and contacts can post, upload a photo…something some of the pages describing LinkedIn indicated it did not do – post photos other than your profile picture.  “As we said earlier, a LinkedIn profile page is essentially an online résumé. You can’t post photos (other than your profile photo).”

I was assigned connecting or “reconnecting” with LinkedIn.  So I signed in.  It seemed more like Facebook in terms of design, maybe easier to use.  I have an online business I am going to try and promote.  I am not sure this is even the forum, I know it IS professional networking, but time will tell.


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